ATS-GPU - Real Time DSP Software
ATS-GPU is a software framework developed by AlazarTech to allow users to do real-time signal processing using an Open CL compatible Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). Input to the GPU can either come from an AlazarTech PCI Express waveform digitizer or from user-supplied data.
Fundamentally, ATS-GPU solves the problem of transferring data from a waveform digitizer to a GPU at very high speeds.
A floating point FFT routine built into ATS-GPU has been benchmarked at 235,000 FFTs per second for 2048 points on one input. Ideal for Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT).
Benchmarks also showed that users can keep up with 500 MS/s sampling on one channel for 2048 point streaming FFTs.

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Use GPU to perform signal processing
Supports GPUs with Open CL 1.0 drivers
Supports all AlazarTech PCIe digitizers
Sample programs in C, LabVIEW & MATLAB
Compatible with Win XP, Vista and Win 7
Supports 32 bit and 64 bit Windows
Built-in floating point FFT
2048 point FFTs at 230 KHz on one channel
Streaming FFTs at 500 MS/s on one channel
1 Million point FFTs at 460 MS/s
Users can add their own processing
Optional FFT source code